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Google Penguin Update

Understanding Google penguin update written by: rasha9 As internet users increases, companies started to create an own web pages intended for personal usage only. Although, making web pages consider as simple venture; make sure that the SEO practice will lead into the guidelines of SERPs as search engine resulting pages that perhaps difficult to venture. Google Penguin refers to brand new implementation of Google networking that utilizes upon weeding negative pages from SERPs and gives higher ranks to the legitimate web pages.

Google Penguin importantly becomes an algorithm that specifically created a target for web spam. Upon taking into consideration that majority of websites found in the internet are full of various related content, have more chances to get rid from the internet since this harmful sites turns out as an advantage. Bearing thy own algorithm supports a lot upon promoting higher quality content for internet users with the ability of acquiring various data and information from their respective research that provide a benefit rather detriment.

Majority of individuals who are quite affected by Google Penguin are those who use black hat method upon boosting the website rankings. With this link farming, cloaking, and some types of linking schemes; website owners will lose undoubtedly along their respective ranking on so called SERP’s. With the black hat techniques, each loophole of the search engines will be exposed. As a result, the quality content will push as to lower the rankings. Therefore, promote this insignificant content and web pages.

How Google Penguin Affects Website Ranking

Both bloggers and webmasters haven’t yet recovered from the destructive Google Panda Update since there are still busy of battling it. Nowadays, another threat emerges. Google is entirely set upon releasing newer algorithm known as the Google Penguin Update. It’s quite confusing to understanding why this Google have named the following updates based on various animals as they make use of liking or disliking the lovely animals that still nearly unknown. Reasons behind this update entails of decreasing the ranking of various sites that violate the existing Google’s quality guidelines. They mainly focus on penalizing the website or blogs that over-optimize along the web spam tricky tactics.

Latest Penguin Update might possibly improve the Google’s old Panda Update version that finely tuned of targeting those who violate the guidance of quality content. This effect will not only decrease the traffic but also got a tendency of damaging the SERP ranking. But those who haven’t use like an old fashioned and spam strategies usually won’t experience any stress. This update mainly design as to affect certain website that acquire tiny or even lower quality content and instead of forming lethal back links that quite busy of abusing this so-called inbound linking guidance.

If you survive against the Penguin update and then you will enhance the ranking of your website. Further, you should also avoid using cheap SEO services for your website as these service providers usually implement black hat SEO strategies to quickly gain ranking over major search engines. You might get results in the short term but sooner or later you are going to get heavily penalized for it. For more information, contact theĀ top rated search and marketing agency.